Neubaugasse 64-66/III/4
A-1070 Vienna, Austria

RIAT is an institute for research, development, communication and education in the fields of crypto-economics, the blockchain and experimental artistic technology. We explore and actively stress-test the role of research and development in the age of zero-trust, through novel forms of presentation, discussion and publication. Examining the global crypto-economic condition and its effects on culture and society, we foster an open and interdisciplinary discourse to improve crypto-literacy for the society of tomorrow.

E-Mail: office@riat.at
Tel: +43(0)1 3056028
or: +43660-6360630

300m2 offices, laboratory and presentation space.
RIAT Crypto Research RIAT Crypto Research RIAT Crypto Research

Artistic Bokeh *SPACE, Coded Cultures, 5uper.net and the respective archives have been integrated in the institute.

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Ars Electronica STARTS prize
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RIAT.AC.AT | Neubaugasse 64-66/III/4, A-1070 Vienna, Austria | E-Mail: office@riat.at | Tel: +43(0)1 3056028