Post-Blockchain, Experimental Publishing, Open Hardware & Artistic Technology.
Artistic Technology Lab
»Artistic Technology Research« is the core research project undertaken at the Artistic Technology Lab. It has been supported by the Austrian Science Fund’s (FWF) program for arts-based research from 2012-2016. »Artistic Technology Research« is an artistic research project and interdisciplinary research cluster focussing on contemporary practices in technology-based arts. It investigates contemporary practices in (new) media arts by looking at the change of aesthetics and questions the role of art in the age of the network society. Through workshops, exhibitions and presentation formats, the project emphasises the explorative nature of contemporary research with technology supported methods and artistic- and practice-based approaches. »Making Artistic Technology« is the workshop programme supporting and communicating the research. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund’s (FWF) program for scientific communication. »JRC: Journal for Research Cultures« is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal, for the communication and presentation of critical research practices and strategies within art and technology edited by Sophie-Carolin Wagner, Andrew Newman and Matthias Tarasiewicz. »LAB EVENTS
Blockchain Lab
The post-blockchain lab traces roots of crypto-movements such as present in cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). As the invention of the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is unarguably the key invention of the 21st century, the lab discusses possible pitfalls and current discourses around future applications of the blockchain. Implementations include blockchain technology from a socio-political dimension, tools for observing and understanding crypto-economics as well as experimental blockchain applications. The post-blockchain lab fosters an open and interdisciplinary discourse in the cryptosphere to inform a critical artistic discourse to improve socio-economic and financial literacy for the society of tomorrow. »LAB EVENTS
Open Publishing Lab
The Open Publishing Lab is an experimental space for developing extended publications utilising ‘old’ tech and ‘next’ tech. The Lab uses and researches on media archaeology and alternative publishing methods. Current focus is set on library technologies, RISO duplicators, ZINE culture and tape systems. The Open Publishing Lab develops and designs hybrid and experimental media formats. »LAB EVENTS
Open Hardware Lab
The enormous endeavours that are made to introduce even more powerful devices and sophisticated software to the market adding to the requirement of technological skills, run contrary to strategies limiting usability beyond their intended usage, consequently reducing the potential for technological literacy. Clearly, the usage of technologies neither necessarily aligns with proficiency nor with a critical stance towards functionality as can be concluded by the extensive acceptance of these artificial limitations. Open hardware, a conceptual descendent of open source software, likes to establish itself as a form of countermovement to the restrictions imposed by proprietary hardware development. We see open hardware not only as 'open source hardware' as introduced within Stallman's 'Free Hardware and Free Hardware Designs', but want to extend and discuss it in a broader context, through the actual act of 'opening hardware'. Open hardware needs not only to be produced, it should also be practiced, we need to open hardware to breakdown the blackboxing of our agency and our ability to appropriate the tools and technologies of everyday existence. Projects of the Open Hardware Lab include the "Open Hardware Europe Summit" and the "Apertus AXIOM" Open Source Cinema Camera. »LAB EVENTS