Information and network technologies prevail Western everyday life. Their usage has to some degree become a premise for social participation, frequently applying to both personal and professional engagements. The required technological skillfulness to enable this form of participation is again subject to almost every sphere of life, whether it is educational, professional, social or personal.

We see open hardware not only as ‘open source hardware’ as introduced within Stallman’s ‘Free Hardware and Free Hardware Designs’, but want to extend and discuss it in a broader context, through the actual act of ‘opening hardware’. Open hardware needs not only to be produced, it should also be practiced, we need to open hardware up to breakdown the blackboxing of our agency and our ability to appropriate the tools and technologies of everyday existence.

Apertus AXIOM: The open source cinema camera Apertus AXIOM Gamma is being developed at the Artistic Technology Lab, supported by the European Union’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020.



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