The Journal for Research Cultures (JRC) is an international peer reviewed Open-Access (OA) journal published by the Research Institute for Arts and Technology. JRC is a platform for the communication and presentation of strategies of experimental, transdisciplinary and artistic research practices across epistemic cultures. It provides a forum for these epistemic cultures to interconnect and encourages comparative investigations by focusing on strategies rather than outcome of research activities. JRC deliberately emphasises the explorative nature of contemporary research with technology-supported methods and artistic- and practice-based approaches. It extends the philosophy of openness with the intention to be accessible to a broad audience both within the academic framework and outside.»EXTERNAL SITE
The goal of the global community-driven apertus° project is to create a variety of powerful, affordable, free (in terms of liberty), sustainable and open digital cinema tools that we as filmmakers love to use. The AXIOM product line is the result of this ongoing endeavor and after successful crowd funding and receiving an EU Innovation grant is well on track to redefine the industry well beyond the DIY garages and hobbyist labs the project started in. Hollywood has discovered the AXIOM as the first chance to reclaim control of the tools and therefore cinematography.»EXTERNAL SITE
The Research Institute for Arts & Technology (RIAT) presents the inaugural Awards for Research in Artistic Technology. The awards honor those who have extended the field of artistic technology through pioneering and original approaches within art and research. The 2015 winners have been Oswald Wiener, Mario de Vega and Nicolas Maigret.»EXTERNAL SITE
The Open Hardware Europe Summit is a forum where critical aspects of open design, open source and open technologies are discussed and presented and brings key participants of the Open Hardware movement to Vienna Austria. In 2015 it has been preseted at MAK - Museum for Applied Arts. The 2017 edition of the OHES will be announced soon.»EXTERNAL SITE
Coded Cultures: Festival for fringe research and experimental arts. OPENISM is the 6th issue of Coded Cultures discussing concepts of openness with a focus on open hardware and open technologies and their implications for art, science and society. It is a critical forum to debate the relevance of these technologies and to investigate critical strategies of technological appropriation, which in their different approaches and cultural techniques are constituting communities of practice.»EXTERNAL SITE

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