Newman, Wagner, Wuschitz & Tarasiewicz [Eds.] Openism: Conversations in Open Hardware
ISBN-10: 3950414061, ISBN-13: 978-3950414066. University of Applied Arts (Vienna), 2016. In cooperation with RIAT and continent.journal. Essays and interviews on Open Hardware, featuring Alicia Gibb, Andrew (Bunnie) Huang, Alessandro Ludovico, Joshua Pearce, Katherine A. Scott, Klau Kinky, Andreas Siagian, Madeline Gannon, David Cuartielles, Michael Gielda, Michael Weinberg, Nils Gabriel, Pablo Gallo Vejo & Victor Mazon Gardoqui, Pavitra Gautam, Sophie-Carolin Wagner, Sebastian Pichelhofer, Stefanie Wuschitz, Silvia Lindtner, Tarek Loubani, Tom Ingoe, Josh Harle and Richard Stallman.

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